Charles, you loose ..

Enjoy your Wodka, and thanks for a great year!
(I’ll enjoy my win)

Let’s push it, with respect!

What are you thinking about?

The race to the bottom, maybe?

Send to me bij mel-c …

Indecent proposal ..

Dunno of this one is SFW, so use headphones to be safe ….


Autumn .. Forever?

Almost winter, and the only good thing on winter is .. the end of it :-)

WordPress with Google Authenticator (OpenOTP)

Easy peasy, link on the bottom ..



Gevolgen opwarming: gras maaien op 22 november…



Na? :-)


Left … Or right (2)

Yesterday, I was wondering where to look for the gold under the rainbow. In other occasions, I always choose to go left, as I drive my car out of my driveway to go to work.

Today, as I drove out, to my left the road was blocked by a huge crane. I had no choice but to take a detour, to the right. But … Blocked also ..


I have no idea what happened, but it had to be serious. In this case, I didn’t mind to wait, I only hope that he or she will be alright.

Left …. or right?

Ok, neither. By the time I decided where to look for the bucket of gold, it was gone :)