Problems waking up in the morning?

Here’s a medicin!

Works best for men, I guess ….

Es muss nicht immer Disco sein ..

Dies geht ja auch, zur Abwechslung :-)


Just another sunset at work ..


The sun sets over the suntrackers :-)

Goodbye 2014 …

I hope to never see you again ..


Things can only get better .. Can they?

B.t.w. 2015 came very early :-)


U wilt hier parkeren …

Mag dat?




In Noordenveld (Drente) kan het allemaal …

Charles, you loose ..

Enjoy your Wodka, and thanks for a great year!
(I’ll enjoy my win)

Let’s push it, with respect!

What are you thinking about?

The race to the bottom, maybe?

Send to me bij mel-c …

Indecent proposal ..

Dunno of this one is SFW, so use headphones to be safe ….


Autumn .. Forever?

Almost winter, and the only good thing on winter is .. the end of it :-)