F R I D A Y ! ! !

Time for some fun.

Mayday mayday! Do we have a problem?

Nope, we only tried to calibrate an 8000WH APC UPS (and failed so we have to do it again) :-)

E=MC2 Oder einfach zuverlässig ..


Ich entspanne mich mal .. :-)


Nice women all over the place …

Play Ingress :-)

Important message from Vladimir Putin.

Ladies and Gentleman …

Just … Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaxxxxxx!

Tea, Earl Grey, hot (no shades please).

Happy valentine!


Compare my car to my bed …

For now, my car …

… sounds better then my bed :-)

Update: my car was fixed today, who helps me “fix” my bed? lol

Influenza .. Lass mich dies Jahr bitte in Ruhe!

Es sieht aber nicht so gut aus :-)

……………………..^^^ Hier wohne ich, ungefähr (Grafschaft Bentheim).

Playing Ingress … Not always easy :-)

Burned alive:


Electric chair:


Wtf? Out of XM and almost out of Power Cubes:


I need a Opstelten: powerrrr powerrrr powerrr (only the Dutch get this sick joke :-) )